The YESSS Convention 2022

July 2022 - a few hundred of us rally to Scottsdale, Arizona, to have a little fun!

This is the unedited dump of everything I shot during YESSS 2022 - Enjoy!
If we come across any images that need to be taken down (for any reason; aka - the image is unfavorable, distasteful, horribly insane, NSF, could be used to justify mayhem, the occupant in the image works for the CIA/NSA/CNN or any other 3-letter business) - Let me know the page and the image number =D

Since this is the unedited dump - There will be a future page of the edits (so the pretty faces can be displayed).

Just have some fun, tag yourselves, share with the world and remember the adventure you had during the YESSS 22 Weekend! Heck, even tag my Instagram - @drbohner!

... what did Daniel do with those 2000+ Miles and 41+ hours of travel between Boise and Scottsdale?  Here's what he did...  
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